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Monday, June 1, 2015

Your chance to lunch with Warren Buffett

Bidding has opened for a lucky person's chance to chat with Warren Buffett over lunch.

Warren Buffett is auctioning himself so that someone could eat lunch with him. The funds will go to his favourite San Francisco charity, the Glide Foundation, which helps the homeless. Over the last 15 years he has raised $17.9 million for it. The bidding is stuck at $178,100 and 77 bids. 

The most expensive meal ticket was in 2012, when the winner paid a record $3,456,789 to have lunch with Buffett, the founder of Berkshire Hathaway. Last year’s winner paid a mere $2,166,766 for a private audience with Buffett, who recently likened Tesco’s problems to finding cockroaches in the kitchen. He also confessed to spending too long “thumb-sucking” over exiting Tesco, in which he once held almost 5%.

Bidding for the lunch — during which his next investments cannot be discussed  —  ends on Friday.

Some of the previous winners of the bids 

    -2003 David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital – $250,100
    -2004 Jason Choo, Singapore – $202,100
    -2005 Anonymous – $351,100
    -2006 Yongping Duan, California $620,100
    -2007 Mohnish Pabrai, Guy Spier, Harina Kapoor – $650,100
    -2008 Zhao Danyang, China – $2,110,100
    -2009 Salida Capital, Canada – $1,680,300
    -2010 Ted Weschler – $2,626,311
    -2011 Ted Weschler – $2,626,411
    -2012 Anonymous - $3,456,789