> Warren Buffett Blog: I am more optimistic of human nature than before

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I am more optimistic of human nature than before

On the Giving Pledge where Buffett with Bill Gates persuaded billionaires to give away half of their fortunes to charity

I would say it’s been far more successful than I originally expected. I hoped we’d get about 50 people [so far, there are more than 155 pledgers]. I’ve called lots and lots of people, most of whom we didn’t know prior, and we’ve asked a lot of people to pledge half or more of their net worth, and I’ve been surprised by how many we’ve gotten. There are now pledgers in 17 countries. I never envisioned it would go beyond the US. I’ve met some terrific people and overall it’s made me feel very good about human nature.

“Now, some say they couldn’t possibly give half of a billion dollars away and, as I’ve mentioned a couple times, I think I’m going to write a book on how to live on half a billion dollars! I feel they need all the help they could get if they get down to a half-billion [and consider that distressing]! But overall I feel better about human nature than I did before.”