> Warren Buffett Blog: Berkshire exits out of Walmart Shares

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Berkshire exits out of Walmart Shares

Berkshire Hathaway has sold its remaining Walmart Inc. shares, according to the most recent 13F filing. This has ended a relationship that dates back more two decades. The world’s largest retailer was once one of Berkshire’s five biggest equity holdings as recently as 2014, valued at more than $5 billion, but Amazon’s encroachment since then has prompted Berkshire to pare down that stake. Walmart shares have risen 2.8 percent this year, compared with Amazon’s 37 percent boost.

Buffett has long highlighted the vulnerability of iconic retailers, citing Sears, F.W. Woolworth and Montgomery Ward as merchants that lost their dominant positions. More recently, he’s focused on the threat from companies like Amazon that sell everything from food to clothes and electronic gadgets online. While Buffett is known for sticking with stocks like Coca-Cola Co. for decades, he’s not wedded to favorites when circumstances change.