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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Warren Buffett buys new Cadillac

Billionaire Warren Buffett wrote a letter to Mary Barra praising his car-buying experience at Huber Cadillac in Omaha. 
Buffett with GM sales girl who delivered the car

It is reported Warren Buffett sent his daughter, Susie Buffett, to the dealership to make the purchase. The saleswoman recommended that Warren Buffett buy the XTS sedan he picked, not the CTS coupe that Barra had recommended.

Buffett joked that the reason the saleswoman recommended the sedan is that his daughter described the 83-year-old investor who runs Berkshire Hathaway as "hopelessly over-the-hill."

Buffett’s 2006 Cadillac DTS, with 19,000 miles on it, will go to Girls Inc. as a fundraiser. When he bought the 2006 model, he donated his 2001 Lincoln Town Car, with 14,000 miles on it, to Girls Inc., too.