> Warren Buffett Blog: Warren Buffett did not buy Greek island

Monday, July 20, 2015

Warren Buffett did not buy Greek island

Warren Buffett didn’t buy a Greek island, not for 15 million euros or any other price.

His office said Monday that reports from Greece that Buffett and Italian real estate agent Alessandro Proto together purchased the island of St. Thomas, southwest of Athens, are incorrect.

The newspaper Proto Thema reported the sale, and various news agencies repeated it, including the Athens-Macedonian News Agency and a Newsweek website.

The story said several uninhabited Greek islands are for sale, and St. Thomas would be suitable for building a resort or for some other private use. Greece’s financial problems supposedly are creating real estate bargains.

Stories quoted Proto’s company, Proto Enterprises, as saying that Buffett and Proto acquired the island, in the Saronic Gulf near the port of Piraeus, on Thursday. It’s a 45-minute ferry ride from Athens.

Asked by The World-Herald if the report was correct, Buffett’s office in Omaha said, "No."