> Warren Buffett Blog: Berkshire re-enters Suncor Energy position

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Berkshire re-enters Suncor Energy position

Berkshire Hathaway has now taken a fresh stake in Suncor Energy Inc for the second time in about six years, sending the U.S.-listed shares of the energy.

Suncor is Canada's biggest oil and gas company. The investment into Suncor comes at a time when global investors have been pulling away from Canada because of its carbon-intensive oil sands and struggle to approve pipelines.

Berkshire said in its recent regulatory filing that it has a stake of 10.8 million shares in the company.

The new position comes more than two years after Berkshire sold its stake in Suncor. Berkshire took a position in Suncor in 2013 and exited its stake in 2016.